Use This "Mother Strategy" of Options Trading To Boost Win Rates For Consistent Profits
PLUS 1 Easy Tool to FIND the RIGHT Trades at the RIGHT Time
Tuesday, November 29th
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Imagine being the first to know when a big trade happens. How would your trading become more consistent if you could know what the "smart money" knows....EXACTLY WHEN THEY ACT ON IT?  Would you be more confident? Would you make more winning trades?

In this live training event Dan Passarelli will help you:
  • Gain an unfair advantage by following the "smart money"
  •  Put time on your side and work less to win more
  • ​Master a disciplined trading approach to win the trade...and the day
We've all heard about the fact that you can't beat the 'big guys'. Well, if you can't beat'em...join'em. Dan has identified a simple way to identify the trades that the pros are making...not just in theory...but the ACTUAL REAL-TIME TRADES the pros are making.  

We're talking professional career impacting trades. The kind of trades that make or break a career. The kind of trades that likely had 100s of hours of research time and analysis from a research desk, were run through algorithms, and passed who knows how many checks and balances before they were made. The trades that are highly probable winners.

In this training, Dan is going to show individual investors how they can leverage what the pros know...and more importantly how they trade. Mastering this is the single trading habit to ensure trading consistency.
Meet the Speaker

Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli is an author, trader and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group. Dan has written two books on options trading — “Trading Option Greeks” and “The Market Taker’s Edge.” He is also the founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc., a leading options education firm that provides online options education, options newsletters and personalized, one-on-one coaching for option traders. Some of the best news and information outlets trust Dan to provide expert analysis and opinions on the options market.  

Tuesday, November 29th
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Do I have to be an experienced trader to use this strategy?
The tool and strategy that are going to be presented during this training are designed for traders of ALL SKILL LEVELS. The beauty of this system is that it provides beginner traders with a solid foundation while advanced traders will enjoy the efficiency of finding these high probability trades.  
Do I need special software for this strategy to work?
The methodology and tools discussed in this training can be used on any trading platform with any software. If you can watch the training you can trade with this tool and methodology.  
Do I need to prepare anything prior to the training?
The training doesn't require you to bring anything or prepare in any way. However, our most successful students are in a Distraction Free area where they can focus 100% on the material that is being covered.  
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