97% Of Investors Are Leaving Money On The Table

Doing this one thing in your investment account can double your money up to 1,022 Days Faster than buying and holding alone.

We’ve all been told that investing in the American stock market is a great way to earn about 10% on average every year. Not too bad right?

With that thinking just putting our money into Spiders (the ETF not the arachnid) could be considered a sound investment strategy if all we needed to reach our financial goals was 10% a year. 

I’m betting that you’re like me and have loftier goals and want to leave a legacy much bigger than what you’d get with just a 10% average return. 

Am I right? 

Generating more income…and more returns from your investments is important to reaching your financial goals. Right?

Anytime we miss out on an opportunity to make money today means that we’ve lost that day of progress working towards our goals. Add up missing today, tomorrow, and a bunch of other tomorrows and you’ll soon be playing catch up when it comes to trying to reach your financial goals. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Did you know that there is a way that investors…people like you and me…can earn income from the assets that we already own in our investment accounts?

Which begs the question...

Why would anyone let their assets just stay idle and hope that the market increases their value enough to reach their dreams?

Why do 97% of investors leave money on the table?

Why do they not invest just 10-20 minutes every couple of weeks to double their money up to 2.8 years faster than just using the old “buy and hold” strategy?

Seriously…what if you could spend just a few minutes each week on a simple and straightforward checklist and get Wall Street to basically write you a check every two weeks? 

Would you do it?  

The truth is people are doing it every day. The smart investors that want to squeeze as much as they can from their investments.  

These investors reach their goals faster…because they do one simple thing to earn extra income, income from their investments beyond the old “buy and hold” strategy. 

So what am I talking about? It's called a Covered Call and here's how it works...

Let’s say you have 100 shares of a stock that fits the right criteria. You sell a call and earn what we in the business call “option premium”. If the call expires we keep the option premium…if we get assigned…well we sell the stock we own for a profit. Oversimplification? Yes! But straight to the point.

The system I’ve created called the SMART Income System uses this tactic over and over time after time. By combining covered calls and cash-secured puts into an investment strategy we can lower risk while at the same time increasing our profits.  

Take a look at this example…
I’m going to keep this simple for you. Imagine you own this stock. The first step in this system enables you to sell a call, in which you'd collect $138. So far, so good? After the two weeks, expiration comes along, if you don’t sell your stock, the call expires. You keep that money. And you simply sell another one. In this case we’ll say you collect $127 more.

Then after two weeks that call expires and you sell another call option contract. So now, in this case, you’d collect $131 for your call this time. 

It's now your cash—which is riskless, by the way. Right? 

Your cash keeps adding up and sits in your account.

So now let’s say the stock goes up above the call strike price, you end up selling your shares at a higher price. Great. Everybody’s happy. You’re making money.

Then, Cha-ching! Now you sell a put—a cash-secured put—which gets you $152 this time. And here’s what happens next… Now the market goes down to the level of the put strike. Here, you’d buy your stock back at a lower price. And because it’s a cash-secured put, you have that cash in your account to buy the stock back.

And then the next day, Boom. Collect $123 on a call. And it goes on and on like this.
It goes up and you sell your shares at the call strike. Then write another put and collect $154 this time.

If you originally owned 100 shares of this stock when it was at $170 a share 6 months ago, how much money can you make on that $17,000? Well, with the old “buy and hold” and sometimes pray strategy, you could have made a little bit. 

But then again, it could have gone down and you could have lost a little bit. Maybe a lot. But how much cash can you bring in using this system? Adding it to what you’re already doing?

And that’s the thing that really changed my life when I discovered what was going on with this.
See, I came from the trading pits in Chicago. I knew a lot of people who used this technique. And when they first shared it with me, I didn’t like it. 

Ha! Oh man. Seriously. Do you believe that? I didn’t think it would work. 

There have been times in my life I’ve been a slow adopter. 

When I think of all the money I left on the table from not using this as soon as I learned about it it makes me sick! Ugh.
Once I was invited to be a speaker at an investors’ conference and someone came up to talk with me afterwards and I shared with him this system. And he said, “Oh yeah. I’ve been doing this for years. In fact, there is one stock I own that I’ve been doing this on for almost 10 years. And in fact, I’ve collected more cash from writing these contracts than I spent on the stock.”

He effectively owned the stock for free!

The thing is though…how do we, as investors, know which stocks in our portfolio are the best candidates for this strategy? 

Now, not every stock will work with this strategy so we have to be selective in the stocks we choose for this strategy…in fact…I have a checklist that I’ll share with you later that can help you identify the absolute best, most effective stocks to use for this strategy.

Not only is stock selection important…but selecting the right options can mean the difference of a few hundred dollars or more on every trade.  

If you’ve ever looked at the options available on a popular stock you’ve likely had “analysis paralysis”. Seriously…how can investors like us be expected to choose the right stock, the right strike price, and the most optimum expiration date? 

Without a system in place you might as well be throwing thirty darts at 3 dart boards blindfolded looking for a bullseye because there could be upwards of 93 options available…. 

How would you choose the best one? What do you do next?

I’ll tell you what a lot of investors do…nothing…

That’s right about 97% of investors do nothing to increase their income from their investments. Maybe they’re lazy and don’t want to invest 10 minutes or so each week to generate income.

Maybe they’re not lazy and just don’t know what to trade and are literally paralyzed with fear of making the wrong decision.

I get it… 

Which is why I’ve spent the last 30 years building trading and investment strategies that are easy to understand, reliable, and consistently profitable.  

And it’s not just a one and done system. It’s something that smart investors have been using over and over again…year after successful year to generate income from their investments.

By now I’m sure you’re ready for even more details on how this investment strategy works. And I’m going to give you those details right now. 

It’s called the SMART Income System and I’ve created a five module course that walks you through the process step by step…

From selecting a perfect candidate with our simple checklist to choosing the optimum strike price and expiration date. 

You’ll also see how to manage your investments with rolls and adjustments just like the pro traders I worked with at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  

In the self-paced, on-demand SMART Income System Course you’ll have lifetime access to the five training modules that include over a dozen valuable training sessions.  

When you enroll in the SMART Income System Course you’ll also have immediate access to several other on-demand resources, tracking sheets, and checklists that have been selected for you to make you a better, more consistent investor.  

There’s more to it than just videos…each day you’ll have access to the MTM Community Chatroom where you can ask questions, see trade ideas, and discuss strategy with me, other coaches, and the best traders in the community.  

When you stop leaving your money on the table you’ll be among the top 3% of smart investors…

Investors that know and understand that there is more than just the old “buy and hold”. 

Becoming the next SMART Income System user is your key to unlocking that additional income that we all need.

Whether it is for...
  • An extra vacation during the year
  • ​Paying off debt
  • ​Filling the retirement nest egg
  • ​Waiting until a rainy day
  • ​Paying for college, new car, home improvements, 2nd home....the list goes on and on...
Whatever your reason or goals…there is absolutely no reason not to move forward with the SMART Income System today.  

Don’t let tomorrow’s goals slip past you today.

When you enroll in the SMART Income System today you’ll get:

  • Simple Trade Candidate Identification Formula
  • ​Max-Profit Option Value Screening Technique
  • ​Amazingly Easy Strike & Expiration Selection Solution
  • ​Result-Driven Trade Entry Tips & Tricks
  • ​Time-Saving Management, Adjustment & Rolling Plan

Plus these  valuable bonuses...

  • The Options Impact "Quick Start" Videos- The perfect training for new options traders.
  • ​The MTM Community Chatroom
  • ​The MTM "SpreadCheat" Trade Tracker
  • ​SMART Tracks
  • ​Add-on Course-Using Covered Calls in Your Retirement Account
  • ​Lifetime Updates
  • ​And your free...I love Over-Priced Option Premium T-Shirt
As you can tell…I want you to succeed. By the end of this year I’m hoping that only 92.7% of investors are leaving money on the table because the rest have joined the ranks of smart income traders with us (so invite your friends on our journey).

This is one of the most foundational options trading courses I’ve created. Whether you are newer to options or a seasoned veteran trader the strategies outlined in this course are laid out in the exact order for maximum income.  
During the SMART Income System Training you'll see...
  • The step-by-step blueprint to create SMART Income
  • ​Which stocks work best for SMART Income
  • ​7 Keys to selecting the strikes and expirations that maximize overall returns
  • ​How to avoid selling stocks with unfavorable tax implications
  • ​How to recoup losses when a stock falls, turning losers into winners
  • ​How to manage trades when a stock rises through the strike price
  • ​My proprietary "Cycles Adjustment" technique to maximize your SMART Income
  • ​And much much more...
This program and all of the bonuses has a value of over $7,432. 

But that’s not what your investment will be in it today. 

I’m often asked…will this work with my account size?

The answer is yes. Let’s take a look at three different opportunities…


$10k Account
$214+ a month
Grow a small account FAST


$100k Account
$27,820 a year
Grow longer-term or retirement account FAST


$1M Account
$278,200 a year
Regardless of which opportunity category you belong to, the SMART Income System can accept you as a new member TODAY for just $697.  

Looking at the opportunities above…that’s a good investment…for your investments.

What smart investors are saying about the MTM SMART Income System...

“Option trading used to be overwhelming with my busy schedule. I’d often miss opportunities or fail to manage positions properly … MTM helped me formulate a rational methodology for covered calls and cash-secured puts [which] provides an edge to offset my inability to constantly monitor markets.” 
-  Michael, San Diego, CA

"Dan, thank you for developing the S.M.A.R.T. Income System… I am investing within my IRA. At 75 years of age, I cannot afford to lose money. I have made a lot of money with S.M.A.R.T. What I like best is how easy you make it to tell whether or not a particular stock is a good candidate for the system … it feels like the only thing left for us to do is to rake in the money.” 
-  Ann B., Houston, TX

“I am happy to recommend the SM.A.R.T. System option training program. I found it to be a comprehensive and logical program. It is a large volume of information and the program module approach works well to [provide] beneficial education for a variety of trader experience levels. I also feel there was good support offered and available when questions arose.” 
-  Michael S., Naples, FL

“Thank you for everything you have taught me. My accounts are higher than they have ever been and I have much more confidence in my investing / trading ability.”
- Tom B., El Segundo, CA

“… I will have paid for a little more than half the class in 3 days. Thanks to you in particular, Dan, for taking the time and making the effort to break trading down into everyday Joe language and bit sized pieces of information that any layman can understand.
- Matthew H., Lakewood Ranch, FL

Are you ready to be like Matthew who paid for the class in the first month?

Or are you more likely to be like Tom who has much more confidence in his investing ability?

Maybe you’re like Michael and just need a systematic approach to maximizing your income from your investments. 

The opportunity to reach your financial goals faster begins now. Is tomorrow going to be moving you towards your destination or leaving money on the table again?

Action takers like Tom and Michael and Ann and Matthew had the same choice that you have now. They are waiting for you to join them in the MTM Community.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself. This is the system for you if you
  • Want more consistency
  • ​Want to grow your investments exponentially faster, with less risk
  • ​Can follow a few simple steps
By now you’ve spent more time reading this page than you’ll need to spend each week using the SMART Income System. Think about that for a second. Next week instead of reading a long page like this…just invest that time in your account and get paid for it.  

Smart traders in our community are using this strategy every week. Even more impressive…they’re using the proceeds to invest more and are compounding their results.  

Enroll now and you’ll be able to start watching the modules almost immediately. Within minutes you’ll have access to this strategy and be ready (at your own pace) to start taking advantage of this wealth building system. 

Click the button below to enroll now.

TLDR: Stop leaving money on the table in your investment account. Get the SMART Income System to see how smart investors are using covered calls and cash-secured puts to finally get the income they deserve from their investments. Get the full 5 Module On-Demand training for just $697 for lifetime access.  

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