The Trading Strategy Fueling Huge Profits

How Smart Traders Identify and Trade Short Squeeze Stocks With Confidence

We hear about it all the time…new traders, or kids even, making thousands of dollars (Possibly Hundreds of Thousands of dollars) in their trading. 

I don’t know about you but when I hear a story like this I used to get upset. Angry even that these newbies…people that can barely call themselves ‘traders’ were hitting big winners. 

It was incredible…these ‘Redditors’ actually moving the market…taking profits away from the institutional investors and directly into their not very old accounts. How’d they do it? 

Well, they used something called the Short Squeeze. And I’m not angry any more. 


Well I knew that with my 30 years of experience these ‘traders’ were just smart enough to make it work for them on a case by case basis…on stocks that their groups talked about frequently in their online chatrooms. But they have a problem…

You see, Short Squeezes actually happen all of the time. These traders that hit it big in the headlines don’t look beyond the few stocks they know. 

They don’t even know what they don’t know.

Well I do…

The code has been cracked so that when a stock is positioned for a short squeeze I know it before the headlines take shape.

Imagine that….

A trading system that virtually writes tomorrow's headlines while giving smart traders like us the edge we need to trade these massively profitable stocks at the right time…every time.

So before I share the details of the trading system with you it is important that we stop here and understand the basics…

What is a Short Squeeze, Why They Happen, and Why They Are So Profitable.

A short squeeze is when a lot of the outstanding shares of the company are shorted. This could all be mostly by one trader. 

Or it could be by a few traders—like a few institutional traders. 

And as the stock rallies higher, these professional traders who are short it and are losing money, don’t just sit there and say, “Ho hum, I hope it comes back down”. 

They have investors to answer to. They have to cut their losses short. 

They call this short covering, or just covering. They buy the stock back. 

And remember, they are short a lot of shares. 

All this buying pressure drives the stock price higher. 

Then other traders who trade momentum see the stock rising and they buy, driving the price yet higher. 

Then any short sellers that didn’t buy to cover are really forced to buy and the stock drives still higher. 

It creates a huge cycle of buying activity. It’s a huge amount of buying pressure that can skyrocket the stock price. 

The Biggest Examples….

Who can forget GameStop and AMC? Both of these stocks rocketed higher even though institutional investors were shorting the heck out of them.

In hindsight, these were textbook examples of a short squeeze. But they caught many traders off guard. 

I understand if you missed out too. 

GameStop was on the brink of bankruptcy. The company was Blockbuster in a streaming world. 

AMC was suffering from declining attendance at movie theaters even before a global pandemic shut down screens all across America. 

Yet what happened? 

GME went from $19 to $483 in about a week in January 2021,then…

AMC stock went from about $12 to over $72 in a week starting in late May 2021 

Smart retail traders made out like bandits. They made profits...SIGNIFICANT profits. Some would say..."lifestyle altering profits".

And they were trading leveraged, and limited risk, call options, so the gain was literally measured in thousands of percents. 

Look, I tip my hat to the guys and gals who bought GME and/orAMC. I soon realized GameStop and AMC were exceptional examples, but they weren’t unusual exceptions

There are others…that most people don’t know about…

That’s where smart traders like us can get an edge on the market. By knowing what the message boards and the chat rooms don’t know.

By finding these huge trading opportunities before they make the headlines instead of following the headlines with the masses. Did you know there are short squeeze trading opportunities almost every day?  Trade opportunities with massive profit potential that don't hit the headlines or the news cycles. Take for example these prime short squeeze stock examples.

MVIS: I’m not really sure what they do…quite frankly I don’t really care. What I do know is that a trader could have earned a 1,192% profit by buying Jun9 6.5 calls at 0.12 and selling them the next day (less than 24 hours) at 1.55. 

COIN: on 7/13/23 a trader could have bought Jul21 88 calls at 3.20 and sold them THE SAME DAY at 19.95…If you’re keeping track and care about profits, that’s a 523% profit in just a few hours!

How about NKLA?  On July 13th we were talking about this one in the MTM community chat room because we got the indicators to buy the July 21 2 calls at 0.03 and sold them the next day at 0.55 for a 1,733% profit!

Need some more examples of stocks that hit big short squeezes?

Here you go…

KSS 6/2/2023 bought Jun9 19.5 calls at $0.46,
Sold 6/6/2023 at $2.33 407% Gain

W 5/30/2023 bought Jun2 42 calls at $0.50,
Sold 6/2/2023 at $2.59 418% Profit

There are plenty more examples where those came from but here’s the deal…Finding these examples in the past is easy…

Anyone can do that…Right? What you really want to know is when will the next NKLA hit

What stock will be the next 4 digit gainer? 

More importantly…how will I know when to act?

Identifying Short Squeeze Candidates

Alright so by now you can see how valuable it is to trade a short squeeze. The amount of money that is able to be made with these trades is incredible if they are timed right. 

The amount of money we left on the table by missing out on some of these big profit opportunities. It’s in the thousands of dollars…even for small account traders.

We’ve missed a lot and if you’re like me…you want (need) to know how to identify these trading opportunities before it’s too late.

You see, there are ways to see if a stock is poised for this type of action…

With trades like these timing is everything…Being early in and early out…before the squeeze is over…

Is absolutely essential…

So how does a trader do that with confidence?

First…identify if a squeeze is about to happen. If these conditions are present be ready…

  • A stock has a high short interest percentage
  • ​The company is making money
  • ​There is an increase in unusual options activity, specifically OTM calls
  • ​The stock has begun rising from a base
If you’re looking at a stock and it checks all of these boxes…a short squeeze may be on the horizon.

That’s a simple four step process right? Well yeah it is. So what do you do with it.

You could start at the top of the stock charts with AAA and start working your way through the list alphabetically…How far could you get through the list before the market closes? 

So would you go to a Redditor and see where they say to start? Well by the time it hits the web it’s too late. You’ve missed it. You left more profits on the table. 

There’s just too much to look at to check each stock manually and there’s far too many stocks. So do you give up? 

You’d be mad if I got you this far only to tell you it’s hopeless. You’ll never find a short squeeze before it’s too late. That wouldn’t be fair to you…and I’m a fair guy. 

So here’s what smart traders are doing…They’re using a proven system…a scanner…a tool to identify short squeeze trading opportunities before they happen.

That’s right. My team and I in conjunction with the CBOE have worked tirelessly to put together a scanner that instantly alerts you as soon as certain criteria are met that signal an imminent short squeeze. 

The scanner is called Options Raider and even though I originally created it for my own personal use I’ve worked a deal that allows non-professional traders access to this real-time data.  

Not only does the alert happen in real time but there is also a checklist to go through to confirm it is a valid signal providing us with more confidence in the setup. NOTE: Not every alert results in a trade .

Since I created Options Raider I'm not afraid of missing out on big profit trading opportunities. Neither are other confident members of the Market Taker Mentoring family that use this scanner as part of their trading system.  

Check out what Thomas from Santa Maria, California had to say about Options Raider:

“Dan Passarelli has done it again. He has worked a deal with the CBOE to provide the retail option trader with Option Raider, which is like nothing else I've seen offered to the average retail trader online. I feel like I have an advantage that most retail traders don't. And I do, data being fed directly to my computer straight from CBOE. Which is incredibly awesome. This is exactly the information that I was looking for, the information that gives you the signals that a short squeeze is about to happen and enables me to take part in the incredible gains that come. However, do have a written trading plan to follow in combination with the instruction Dan gives in his videos. Thanks Dan 😁” 

What you get with Options Raider…

We’ve created a simple, complete system that anyone can follow. 

We manually scan the market and update the curated basket of high-candidate stocks real-time for you. 

We scan for the top stocks most likely to experience a short squeeze, and cross reference them against profitability and 7 other proprietary trade criteria to maximize chances of catching an early signal. 

Then, you have password protected access to real-time trade signals sent directly from the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

I’ve pulled some strings for you.

I’ve negotiated a contract with the Chicago Board Options Exchange for you to get professional-trade data you can’t get from any other source. 

I repeat: You literally CANNOT get this from any other source.  This is the only system that takes this real-time data straight from the CBOE, analyzes it for you, and triggers alerts based on tested and proven criteria.

When you sign up, you’ll sign up as yourself, a non-professional trader, and get access to these signals through this deal I made with the exchange on your behalf. 

It’s a simple two-step registration process that starts with the official subscriber agreement with the CBOE. 

What would you expect to invest in a scanner and system like Options Raider? Remember if you were an Options Raider member when the NKLA stock hit the scanner you would have made a 1,733% profit or $2,600 on a $150 investment. 

If you were an Options Raider member when the COIN stock hit the notification scanner a 20 lot would have yielded $33,500 in profit in just a single day on a $6,400 investment. Even if you were a one lot trader you would have made $1,675 on the $320 investment or 523% profit.

What about the MVIS stock? If you had been an Options Raider member then you could have pocketed $715 on just a 5 lot investment of $60 overnight. 

Another alert that came through Options Raider before you were a member was in FCEL. Calls on this stock could have netted you a profit of $970 in a 10 lot investment of just $280 after a week of the buy. 

How about the BBBY example that hit Options Raider members with a profit of 1,471% or the FUBO stock that gained 171%...all of these and more hit the Options Raider scanner at the right time.

The time when smart traders with the Options Raider scanner took action.

They made the trade…

They earned the profits…

Imagine the next time a short squeeze hits and you ARE using Options Raider. How big could it go? 

What would the value of that scanner be?

Would it be worth $20,000 if you’re a 20 lot trader in COIN?


What about if you’re a 5 lot trader in COIN? Would it be worth $7,500?


What was Options Raider worth to the NKLA traders that earned 1,733% profits? $5,000? They’d happily pay that every month... YES!!!

Traders are willing to invest the full retail price on this scanner at $1,500/month. Do you see the value there? 

Traders like Thomas above have been using Options Raider month after month for over a year now since I created it. 

And they love it….because it works.

You’re a special kind of trader. You know that using your resources…following the right people…and reading the right materials make you a better, more consistently profitable trader. 

So I want to help cover the cost of your first trade with Options Raider by cutting the cost from $1,500/month to just $597 per quarter. That’s right, 3 months for just $597.

You’ll get your unique password to the Options Raider Scanner…the browser window that instantly alerts you when the optimal conditions for a short squeeze are present. 

90 Days of access to the scanner plus the right to renew at the same discounted rate. Plus exclusive access to the MTM Community Chat Room Short Squeeze Slack Channel. 

Members of Options Raider are among the best, most successful members of the MTM Community Chatroom and you’ll be part of the conversation. Join in or just eavesdrop on some of the best and brightest.

I can’t promise another BBBY or NKLA coming through the scanner…but what I can promise…Is if one is going to happen…It will come through the scanner. And more importantly, you’ll be able to act on it. 

Before it hits the headlines. Before there’s nothing left to gain. 

Analytics tell me that this is where most people either decide to enroll and join the ranks of Options Raider members or keep wondering if it is for them. 

Maybe they keep searching for a reason not to enroll in Options Raider Alerts. (Because let's face it there's no reason to skip this opportunity and leave these profits on the table.)

Action takers that are ready…that see the value in enrolling right now...can complete the subscriber agreement. Just click the button below to begin enrollment. 

Spoiler Alert!?! 

After you complete the subscriber agreement above you’ll find out about the secret bonuses you’ll get with your Options Raider Enrollment. 

Since you haven’t clicked the button yet I’m going to ruin the surprise…and tell you about the bonuses.

Because I want traders like you to be successful with Options Raider I created an On-Demand Accelerator Course that is designed to get you trading the next short squeeze as soon as it triggers (if it meets our proprietary criteria). 

The Accelerator Course will ensure that you understand how to use the Options Raider Scanner and get started…because we don’t know exactly when the next FUBU will hit. I don’t want you to have to wait for a scheduled class…because quite frankly…if you don’t get in today you’ll likely miss any opportunities tomorrow unless there is a way to know and understand the scanner immediately when you subscribe to it. That’s why this Accelerator course is a $1,000 value.

After you complete the Accelerator Course I want to give you the opportunity to go even deeper into the strategy and the scanner. That’s why I created an on-demand bootcamp. It’s a full-day bootcamp worth over $5,000. During the bootcamp you’ll see even more examples, get more insights, and gain extreme confidence with this strategy.

Not only are the on-demand courses immediately available to you when you subscribe (even if the market is closed) you’ll also get immediate access to The Options Raider Weekly Top Picks Tracker that lists the stocks for you after coach John Kmeicik does an even more detailed analysis of the trade opportunities. This is a value of $1,200.

The Options Raider subscribers also have access to monthly Office Hours With Dan and the MTM Community Chat Room

So let’s break it down…

When you subscribe to Options Raider Alerts you’ll get:

  • The Options Raider Scanner
  • ​The Options Raider Accelerator Course
  • ​The Options Raider Top Picks Weekly List
  • ​The Options Raider On Demand Bootcamp
  • ​The MTM Community Chat Room
  • ​Office Hours With Dan

Total Value Over $11,000

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Options Raider uses a 'bucket' of stocks to evaluate that is updated with likely short squeeze candidates on a regular basis. It is possible that a short squeeze may occur in a stock outside of the monitored bucket and not appear in the Options Raider alerts.